Changing Attitudes

“Inclusion is a right too often seen as a gift.”

Chandima Rajapatirana

E.A.S.E. Foundation is committed to its mission of changing social attitudes and the world to not just accept, but celebrate diversity. As our Co-Founder Chandima says, “See us for what we are, created to be part of the human race – beautiful and diverse.”

A key tool in making this mission a reality is our ‘World Where We All Belong’ video series which we take to community groups and use to investigate deeply held negative beliefs.

Our video series addresses three archaic social attitudes:

  1. Superstitious beliefs

  2. The idea that a person with a disability is unlucky

  3. Victimization of a person with a disability

Our advocacy seminars focus on changing these attitudes. We present the videos and, thereafter, initiate a discussion on each scenario, inviting the audience to participate and share their views.

“Being a person with a disability is a fact of my life. Being differently-abled is well meaning people trying to mask it with a patronizing euphemism. Personally I would rather be disabled than differently abled. My abilities are not different. If you call me disabled you see me as a regular person with some challenges.”

Chandima, on the term disability vs. differently-abled