As a person with autism, our Co-Founder/Co-President Chandima is able to offer insider’s insights into autism. His seminal work on movement difficulties has been translated to Japanese in a resource book on autism.

We teach parents and professionals to adopt more positive attitudes towards disability in general and autism in particular.

Our workshops include:

  • Autism Up-close and Personal

  • Anxiety: The Other Face of Autism

  • Solving Movement Difficulties

EASE Workshops

We have given workshops in the U.S. at the Arcadia University, University of Syracuse, TASH, Autism National Committee, Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education and Everyday Lives – Philadelphia to name a few.

Spreading awareness

A few of the workshops we have conducted in Sri Lanka are:

  • The Association of Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Medical Faculty, University of Peradeniya

  • Department of Disability Studies, Kelaniya University

  • Sri Lanka Volunteers Association

  • Rotary Club, Colombo

  • ‘Ape Pataw’, School for the Disabled, Hambantota

  • Leonard Cheshire Group

  • Foundation for Goodness, Seenigama

Contact if you would like to register for a workshop for your organisation/community.