Sponsor a Family

At E.A.S.E., we are an organization that provides all our services free of charge because we want to serve families who have the dual challenges of being from low-income households and meeting the needs of a family member with a disability. We are happy that we can give a small allowance to the neediest families to cover their transport and basic necessities.

We help a few families by sponsoring the pre-school education of our students’ younger siblings and we also maintain an emergency fund. This is one of our projects to address a practical and immediate need.

We pick the neediest families through a process that includes interviews and home visits.

We would like to expand this program and you can help to make it happen by donating to the program.

Individual sponsorships:

  • 3,000 per month travel and nutrition allowance for the family

  • 2,000 per month for travel allowance to come for classes

Sponsorships for our families:

  1. Ashika’s (name changed) mother was abandoned by her husband when they discovered that their child was disabled. The mother struggles to bring up Ashika and her elder brother. She works as a seamstress so she can work at home and take care of Ashika and jeopardises her health by working up to 15 hour days to make, at most, Rs. 180 a day. Ashika’s brother is an extremely helpful and loving son and brother and is a good student. He requires funding for A/L tuition classes.

  1. Dulini (name changed) has severe cerebral palsy and needs to be carried everywhere. Her mother has to arrange a three-wheeler for them whenever they come to E.A.S.E. She is to visit the centre four times a month but transportation poses a significant financial burden to Dulini’s family, limiting her visits the center. Furthermore, Dulini’s younger sister is ready to go to pre-school but the family cannot afford to send her.

Please get in touch with us at easefoundation@gmail.com or call us on 0773 409 148 if you would like to help our families or require further details.

Help us fund our building project ‘Hevana’

We dream of having a center of our own. A building of our own custom designed to suit our students needs will mean our students would get a better experience, not have to get used to a new place every two years and we will not be spending our limited resources on rent.

Contact us at easefoundation@gmail.com if you want to be a part of our Hevana project.