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E.A.S.E. has been recognized in the media by entities such as TIME magazine and the Global Fund for Children. Learn more about E.A.S.E. Foundation by browsing some of the articles below.

Chandima wins Susewabhimani Award 2017 for his book (October 2017)

DailyFT – “Of autism, literary brilliance and hidden potential” (May 2017)

Sunday Times – “Don’t see us as disabled and others as abled” (April 2017)

Gratiaen Prize – Shortlisted Authors (2016)

Life Online – Annasi & Kadalagotu Lit. Fest (April 2016)

Business Line – Blink – “Type to speak” (October 2015)

Life Times – “E.A.S.E. Foundation” (October 2015)

ARTRA Magazine – “This is not a pity story, it is a literary journey – Chandima Rajapatirana” (July 2015)

The Nation – A&K Literature Festival (April 2015)

Daily FT – “E.A.S.E. Foundation launches advocacy program ‘A World Where We All Belong’ (November 2014)

SLV – Student & Graduate Placement Abroad – “2014 Mental Health Workshops In Sri Lanka” (November 2014)

The Global Fund for Children – Donor News “Change Is Now – Challenge” (May 2012)

The Global Fund for Children – “Local Heroes” (March 2013)

Smriti Daniel – “In Conversation with Anoja and Chandima Rajapatirana” (November 2011)

Sunday Times – “Label jars not people” (April 2011)

Wretches and Jabberers Media Release (July 2010)

Autism around the globe – “Sri Lanka – Chammi’s story” (2010)

Dialog Axiata – “The Change Trust Fund” (December 2008)

Sunday Times, Smriti Daniels – “Taking while giving care” (August 2007)

TIME – Claudia Wallis – “Helping Autistic People to Speak” (May 2006)

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