Jobs for Moms

Caregiving responsibilities prevent mothers of children with disabilities from seeking employment outside their home. Families deprived of much needed income often see such children as burdens and may institutionalize the child. Fortunately, we are able to address this need thanks to a successful crowdfunding initiative through Global Giving.

Fervent thanks to the many donors: family, old friends and new who responded to our appeal worldwide helping us achieve our budgetary goal quickly.

We decided sewing fabric bags was a practical start for this program. Which has the added benefit of tapping into the global concern about reducing single use plastic bags. Of course, we are sewing a variety of cloth bags ranging from laundry bags to produce bags.

We have selected six mothers to begin with. Four of them will need training, which will begin in early 2019. The two mothers who are experienced seamstresses have started sewing bags.

Nirmala a single mom struggling to bring up two children on the paltry income she gets from sewing is especially grateful (working nine hours a day every day brought her just Rs.9000 a month). As we pay a fair wage, she hopes that soon we will be able to provide her with sufficient orders so she can stop working for the other employer.

Janaki, a mother already filling the orders we have is particularly happy that she can save a little money for her son’s future as well as supplement the sporadic income her husband brings in as a driver.

Please help us by sending orders for bags our way. We appreciate bag orders large or small and are happy to customize your order too. Together with our mothers, we thank you for “being the change you want to see in the world”.