Courageous Mothers

“It will take courage to believe in the abilities of a person while everyone else only sees his disabilities. To go on believing after many failures will also take courage.”

Chandima Rajapatirana, E.A.S.E. Co-Founder/Co-President

Many of the parents of our students are challenged by:

  • Their child’s baffling disability

  • Economic hardship

  • Lack of educational/employment opportunities

  • Ostracization by the family and community

  • One parent has to give up work to look after the child

These are but a few of the issues that make our parents defeated, depressed and discouraged.

We provide individual and group counseling to help parents understand their child’s disability and see his/her abilities, enabling them to stop blaming themselves and recognize their child’s potential.

Mothers’ Stories
Sithmi’s (name changed) mother realized that, contrary to what she had been told by Sithmi’s school teacher and others, Sithmi could indeed learn. She asked the teacher to teach Sithmi and when he did not cooperate, she took her complaint to the school’s principal. When that too did not get the desired results, she took her case to the district office. The officers there paid a visit to the school and were able to persuade the classroom teacher to change his attitude.