Employment Project

Our goal is to create an employment center where people with and without disabilities can work together with equal authority, combating the thinking that a person with disability has less to contribute.

As a pilot project, our older students have painted kitchen stools and created unique handicrafts.

Employment is not only essential for our self-esteem, it is also necessary to establish us as full members of society.

E.A.S.E. and our friends in the community of people with disabilities are excited about our most creative project – a coffee house and strip mall comprising of a communication center, laundry and small convenience store where people with diverse abilities can work and socialize together. Our coffee house will provide employment as well as open mike nights showcasing talent and space for artists to display their creations. We can further provide training and employment to our older students.

Please sponsor and/or partner with us to make this dream a reality.

“Such a place will provide the ideal environment for our often-separate worlds to mingle, and learn to respect and like each other. Eating marvelous meals, sipping a refreshing cup, listening to wonderful poetry or music, surrounded by beautiful paintings we will relax, and learn to build an integrated community.”

Chandima Rajapatirana, E.A.S.E. Co-Founder/Co-President