Empowering the Family

A strong family base is essential for any child to thrive, and this is especially true for children with disabilities. Unfortunately, most parents of children with disabilities are battered by negative comments from friends and family and sometimes, poor advice from professionals in the field.

Globally, in most communities, having a child with a disability is viewed as a shame; so seeing our staff welcoming their child and learning to see their child’s abilities in a positive light uplifts parents so they can provide the necessary foundation for their child’s progress.

Firstly, we provide families with knowledge on why their child is disabled and convince them that it’s not their fault that they behave the way they do. We share examples of people who have transcended significant disabilities to lead meaningful, productive lives.

Secondly, our parent support group give our parents the opportunity to socialise with people who experience similar challenges.

“It’s a morale booster to meet with other parents, facing similar situations. Creating a tribe of people who understand our challenges is a powerful thing.”

An E.A.S.E. parent

We also offer sessions with counsellors and take time to discuss the services provided by the organization and get parents’ feedback.

We hold special workshops to teach parents about new approaches to understanding their child’s difficulties, education on autism, more effective ways of dealing with challenging behaviours and ways to become effective as a ‘parent-teacher’ as our parents have a dual role of being both a parent and a teacher to their children.